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We will treat you with respect and integrity. We take the time to get to know you and your employment needs by evaluating your skills and qualifications to find the right job suited with your work experience. We assist you to achieve your goals and assist you in negotiating and guiding you through the interviewing process for ultimate results.

Professional Employment Services will determine your career goals to market your skills and qualifications. We provide you with professional career leads and guarantee satisfaction through the hiring process. It is our business to prepare you for a job interview or assignment so that you may exhibit your skills successfully. We will review your performance in the interviewing process or assignment based on our feedback from our client. 
Cover Letter
Thank You Letter
A resume lists your work experience, qualifications, skills and education background to include the month and years for every employer. The resume is used to market your skills to entice a potential employer for an interview. A resume should highlight your business accomplishments to set you apart from other job seekers.

Professional Employment Services is available to review your resume and offer subjections to facilitate a job offer.
A cover letter provides additional information on your skills and experience on why you are qualified for the job. A cover letter explains the reasons for your interest in the organization and identifies your qualifications.
A thank you letter is sent after the first initial interview to the employer. It is customary to send a thank you letter for his/her time to show your appreciation and interested in moving forward. Writing a thank you letter shows the employer some insight about you as a job seeker and shows that you are courteous and respectful.
Professional Employment Services

We will prepare you for the interview and meeting the hiring manager.

Professional Employment Services strives to help you prepare and be successful for your interview. The following is a list of ways to help you succeed when it comes to your interivew and meeting with HR and/or the hiring manager:

  1. Research the company by visiting their web site and asking your recruiter for a detailed job description.
  2. Prepare to have the travel information available the day before your interview.  Always plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview.
  3. A business appearance is essential. A conservative suit (Black, Blue or Gray). First impressions mean everything. Remove all excess jewelry. For ladies a ring, watch, pearls, and simple earrings are appropriate for an interview. Long fingernails and painted with bright colors are inappropriate when using a computer to type. For men a clean appearance freshly shaving and trimmed with a watch and ring is enough. No chains or earring.
  4. Be professional and carry a briefcase, attaché, or a neat leather folder for your resume, reference, letter of recommendation or any documents to guarantee you a job offer.
  5. An ideal resume is one page unless you are an executive and should consist of your past fifteen years work experience.
  6. Be sure to shake the interviewers hand firmly at meeting and when the interview is completed. Eye contact at all times.
  7. Be polite and courtesy at all times to everyone in contact.
  8. Personal issues are personal, do not mention them. Interviewer does not want to hear of your personal life.
  9. Prepare to know your employment background to include dates and company names. Your resume has been reviewed and the interviewer may check for accuracy.
  10. When the interviewer describes the position, accurate relate your skills and work experience through the interviewing process.
  11. Be enthusiastic, interested and show initiative. Confidence is essential.
  12. Listen to all questions and answer the questions by selling yourself. A perfect example is: “Tell me about yourself?”
  13. Talk about your business strengths and related skills associated with the position. Are you a team player, are you punctual and reliable, are you hard worker, motivated, a self-starter, etc.
  14. Never discuss salary or benefits at the interview. Your recruiter will handle all the communication with the client on this matter.
  15. Ask questions regarding the position such as, “What is expected of me?” “What is the next step to making a hiring decision?”
  16. Always be positive about yourself and your ability.
  17. Turn off your cell phone before entering the building for the interview.
  18. Carry extra copies of your resume on plain bond paper. Check for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Sometimes the computer does not pick up some errors.
  19. Do not fold the resume.  A clean copy of your resume is essential.
  20. Never speak negatively about past employers.
  21. Be sure to get an interviewers business card prior to leaving the company.