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Let us save you time and hassle when it comes to hiring your next employee. Contact us today so that our recruiters can find the best candidate that matches the skills and experience you are looking to hire for your insurance office.
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Professional Employment Services is available to minimize your workload by eliminating the hassle of interviewing unqualified applicants. To fill your insurance employment needs, our recruiters carefully review an applicant's work experience, education, qualifications and conduct a thorough reference check. Our recruiters also provide a selective number of well-screened, highly qualified applicants for your job openings. We feel positive that we can provide the best talent available for your insurance employment needs. We pride ourselves in matching the most qualified applicant for the job by acquiring a complete job description and qualification needed for the job opening from the employer. Thanks to our experience, determination, job market focus, and our relationships with various companies, our recruiters are able to find the ideal candidate for your employment needs.
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Our recruiters strive to find the best candidate for each position you are looking to have fulfilled. From entry-level to executive management, Professional Employment Services is effective in sorting through resumes and applicants to identify the best choices for the positions you are seeking to have filled. 
We listen to your questions and concerns at all times to earn your trust and respect. Our recruiters screen our applicants carefully to ensure that all our candidates have the skills, character, and dedication to succeed. You will know that those whom we recommend will succeed in your company.
Professional Employment Services endeavors to partner with you for all your job recruiting needs in the insurance industry in California. Our recruiters work hard to collaborate and effectively provide the needed information for candidates. Think of us as a valued addition to your own hiring team.

Recruiting Service

For the Insurance Industry

We actively listen and act upon the information to provide the best hiring solution. Our professional recruiters are accessible at any time. We are the middleman between the client and candidate handling all negotiation on behalf of the client and applicant. We make every effort to understand our clients’ requirements and to understand the candidates’ needs. As a result, our recruiters can find the right talent to drive the business forward to succeed. We understand that Management time is money and we respect that.

We provide sophisticated professionals who are not actively looking for employment but are receptive to entertaining the right job opportunity. You will not find any of these candidates through any of our competitors. Our recruiters offer a detailed summary of our finest candidates demonstrating a strong interpersonal skill, knowledge, and qualifications for the precise job opening. This creates the opportunity that will set the stage for attracting first-class talent. We stay in touch with the brightest, most accomplished professionals and cultivate a fit to ensure lasting success. We strive to understand your hiring needs and requirements. Our recruiters are able and ready to tackle any challenge you face when it comes to finding an employee for your insurance brokerage firm or company. We agree and deliver only candidates that can deliver extraordinary results for the success of your insurance company.
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