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Since its inception, Professional Employment Services has interacted with and served various entities in the insurance industry. As it approaches its 30th year in the business, Professional Employment Services remains consistent in meeting the employment needs of the companies in the California insurance industry. 

Professional Employment Services provides a service that has a direct impact on the success of companies. After all, hiring the right people for the job leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability.  Professional Employment Services is known for being thorough when it comes to identifying and matching the best possible candidates for any particular position. Over the years, it has expanded its network of contacts and now has a formidable database of clients. 

Professional Employment Services has an impressive track record of being able to deliver superior insurance professionals with high-value skills sets to clients. The company has an eye for talent and has a tried-and-tested process for determining which personality, skills and qualifications best fit any insurance brokerage/agency. Indeed, Professional Employment Services goes out of its way to make sure that each candidate is able to succeed in their new role to meet the needs of the team.


Professional Employment Services Established Since 1989
Professional Employement Services
Professional Employment Services is a full service recruiting firm providing permanent employment for the insurance industry. We have been established since 1989 to meet the needs by dedication, industry knowledge and providing qualified professionals. We provide cost effective hiring solutions for small to large businesses.

Our professional reputation is built on success by commitment, identifying and delivering talented candidates to meet the needs of our clients by our proactive recruiting, screening and guidance. We are successful at fulfilling our clients needs. Our satisfied clients base is on a continued growth pattern and our extensive database of employee professionals is a invaluable addition to your hiring resource team.

Professional Employment Services is a business that provides excellent service and successful a track record to all clients. Our high degree performance motivates us to succeed. We are committed to meeting your unique staffing needs and is dedicated to delivering superior permanent professionals.

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